The Alentejo is full of secrets. MONTE DA AMEIRA - RURAL TOURISM - ALENTEJO | PORTUGAL "Countryside and Coast: Stay at Monte da Ameira to enjoy the best of both worlds."
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the water is very blue and green in this view from an area that looks like it's surrounded by cliffs
Costa vicentina - Alentejo - Portugal.
The beautiful clear waters of Alentejo, Portugal.
the sun is setting over the ocean and rocks
#Portugal #Alentejo coast, here the "Pessegueiro Island", near Porto Covo
the sun shines brightly over an ocean beach
Portugal, Alentejo coast.
a sandy beach next to the ocean on a sunny day with people walking in the sand
Praia de Vale Figueiros / Pedra Casca / Vieirinha - Portugal
Praia de Vale Figueiros / Pedra Casca / Vieirinha - Portugal
there is a small shack next to the beach with surfboards on it and waves in the background
Entre as praias de S. Torpes e Vieirinha, a COSTAZUL SURF é uma escola que transforma dúvidas, anseios e gosto pela adrenalina das ondas numa experiência de surf para nunca mais esquecer. // Between S. Torpes and Vieirinha beaches, Costazul Surf is a school that transforms doubts, longing and passion for the ocean waves and its adrenaline into an experience one will never forget.
a sandy beach next to the ocean with lots of sand and grass on top of it
A guide to Portugal’s Alentejo region, home of Europe’s finest beaches
A guide to Portugal’s Alentejo region, home of Europe’s finest beaches - via The Guardian 12.07.2014 | Protected by the South West Alentejo and Costa Vicentina national park, the 100km of coastline from Porto Covo in the Alentejo to Burgau in the Algarve is the most stunning in Europe. And yet few people seem to know about it. Photo: Carvalhal beach, Alentejo, Portugal.
people are swimming in the clear blue water near rocky cliffs and sandy beach on a sunny day
Porto Covo beach – Sines #Portugal
umbrellas and chairs on the beach near the ocean
Monte da Ameira | Luxury Accommodation
Alentejo Beach
two boats are in the water near some large rocks and an arch shaped rock outcropping
people are walking on the beach with umbrellas and chairs in front of an out building
costa de santo andré
an aerial view of the beach and water from above, with land in the foreground
Lagoa de santo andré
there are many birds that are standing in the water
lagoa de santo andré
there is a river that has blue water and hills in the background with words on it
litoral alentejano - Pesquisa Google
an aerial view of the ocean and cliffs
litoral alentejano
there is a sign on the beach that says it's national alenteganoo
litoral alentejano