Our special exhibit featuring the astounding lives of octopuses, squid and cuttlefishes is now open. We’re so excited that we’ve dedicated this board to our love of all-things-armed-or-tentacled. Get ready for cephalopod overload!
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Wave your tentacles in the air! Meet many-armed denizens of the deep in our Tentacles exhibition—and try to count all the suckers on our giant Pacific octopus! (Photo: Charlene Boarts)

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Did you know we have an Instagram? Follow us @montereybayaquarium! Photo: @marikamem.

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Can't stop watching this strolling cephalopod? Don't be fooled by its delicate movement--the mimic octopus can easily scare off potential predators. In a flash, this master of mimicry changes its color and shape to hover like a lethal lionfish or slither like a poisonous sea snake.

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Otherworldly, unique and under pressure. The nautilus has survived for millions of years—but the future is uncertain for this animal with a sought-after shell. Come see them in our Tentacles exhibition!

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Veined octopus setting up camp in a glass jar and grabbing a snack! In our Tentacles exhibition!

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Watch out for the tentacles! Pharaoh #cuttlefish have eight short arms with two long tentacles neatly tucked in the middle--ready to unfurl and snatch prey.

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My, what an ancient shell you have! The nautilus is a living link to the past—this cousin of the octopus hasn’t changed much in 150 million years. To control its buoyancy, the nautilus pumps fluids in and out its shell chambers, which are connected by tubes called "siphuncles."

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