Love the white flooring and walls! Together with the big won downs the make this room look warm and loving!!

Check out these windows. Light flooding in on a Sunday morning, heaven. There's something super cosy about beds being close to the floor.

Frisches Weiß ist ein wahres Kombinationstalent. So einfach bringt ihr damit helle Akzente in eure vier Wände.

Wohnen in Weiß: 3 Tipps

This board must look super boring to anyone who isn't obsessed with black and white.sorry (I guess I'm just super boring)

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Une balançoire dans le salon (PLANETE DECO a homes world)

The layout, architecturally, as well as the furniture components (check out those bookshelves) are all awesome and eye-catching.there's a swing.

Industriel / Pastel à Copenhague/lampen,kast, tafel, stoelen!! Stoere uitstraling

Industriel / Pastel à Copenhague

Source: Heidi Lerkenfeldt I’ve been thinking a lot about my kitchen recently. It’s such a vital part of the house in terms of layout and aesthetically that I really want to get it right. Even a glass wall is a decor idea.

Livingroom | woonkamer | &SUUS: Livingroom changes

So many things I love about this picture - the grey couch and the black and white rug, throws and cushion. the coffee table and the Hay hexagon tray. That rug