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Festival poster – design by Brest Brest Brest

I thought the way these pieces are moving and interacting with the photo. Their is a very clean style and something we may be able to utilize. Festival poster – design by Brest Brest Brest

TRANSIT : 見るもの、出会う人、みな奇妙。 佐藤健寿『奇界紀行』刊行 - Info

TRANSIT : 見るもの、出会う人、みな奇妙。 佐藤健寿『奇界紀行』刊行 - Info

When Marriage Disappears [INFOGRAPHIC]

divorce-Looks like me and my hubby are going to be together forever from what this says. YEs both are parents are still together =)~we both have the same religious beliefs we have two children together, both went to college and earn over Ya for us LOL

Infographics—p / variety

The landscape of business is constantly changing and so does the technology and marketing techniques involved. A lot more businesses are using the power of infographics to really reach out to their target market.