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Screen printing with Aida

MOO Artworker Will went along to an East London print screening workshop run by the incredibly talented Aida. Here is his photo documentary of the workshop. Enjoy!

Screen printing with Aida

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The finished prints hanging up. Lovely!

A close up of the finished prints.

Finished prints.

Preparing and flooding the screens.

Lots of prints hanging up to dry.

A stencil, ready for the press.

Preparing the screens.

One of the finished prints. "All is fair in (heart) and street walls". Very true.

Hanging the finished prints up to dry. Now for a long wait and time to starting designing a second round!

Sketching designs for the stencils.

Very concentrated designers at work.

Carefully cutting the stencil.

The gang hard at work designing and preparing stencils.

Aida using a squeegee pulling the paint down the frame.