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a watercolor and ink drawing of a man with long hair wearing a turban
You Are Under Grace – Mooji Sangha Vibe
You Are Under Grace ~ Mukti | Watercolor Painting
a man standing in the woods with his arms outstretched
Sangha Gita – Mooji Sangha Vibe
So much gratitude for the love of the Sangha, for Mooji Baba's Presence and pointings. This poem came and was recorded spontaneously in December 2018. Big thanks to Nirvan for the videography and beautiful music that bring it to life. Much Love!
the moon shines brightly in the night sky over a mountain lake and forest area
Piano Dreams – Mooji Sangha Vibe
Piano Dreams is a collection of seven soothing piano improvisations that have been recorded in a quiet and peaceful night full of stars in Monte Sahaja.
a black and white photo of a smiling man with the words beats of the beloved
Beats of the Beloved – Mooji Sangha Vibe
Powerful Satsang clips from Mooji with inspired beats in the background
the rocks are all different sizes and shapes, but there is no image here to provide a caption for
One and Only (Hallelujah!) – Mooji Sangha Vibe
This song is a devotional mash-up of genres around the world, including a beautiful choir from the Maasai tribe in Tanzania. For your enjoyment and upliftment, with love.
a pencil drawing of a man's face next to some beads
Who Knows the Sweetness ~ Narayani
Who knows the Sweetness of abandoning Oneself at the feet of the Supreme? Pencil drawing of Moojibaba From a series called "Guruji, my Heart" Endless gratitude and love for the One who showed me God within, the infinite Being I Am, the all encompassing Love. Thank you, Guruji! Love you, Guruji!
a painted frisbee that says i am conscious, dancing inside my little stillness
I Am Consciousness Dancing – Mooji Sangha Vibe
I Am Consciousness Dancing ~ Rose | Painting
a painted wooden block with an elephant on it's face and leaves around its neck
Portraits of Ganesh – Mooji Sangha Vibe
Portraits of Ganesh ~ Nirmayi | Painting
a woman is playing the guitar in front of a statue
Zero – Mooji Sangha Vibe
"Zero" is a song inspired by Mooji’s pointings, the Holy mountain Arunachala and the recognition that wherever we find ourselves, the Guru is in our own Heart. Sometimes the mind gives us the illusion that we can be separate from God, and in doing so it is actually helping us to confirm the presence of God in us, our Zero place, and to deepen our Trust in this Divine play called Life. “Zero” by Risha, performed by Risha Bergomi, Mooji, Kamala Vuk, Johannes Weingand & Pritam Szabo.
an older man reading a book while sitting in a chair with his hands on the pages
Awareness – Mooji Sangha Vibe
Awareness ~ Sadhu Om | Song
the words, it was you all along are in pink and white on a light pink background
It Was You All Along – Mooji Sangha Vibe
It Was You All Along ~ Prama | Poem
an artistic painting with flowers and birds flying over the ocean, on top of waves
Dance of Life – Mooji Sangha Vibe
Dance of Life ~ Sky | Watercolor Painting