Kill time, and also dragons. Explore the Province of Skyrim. What's better than killing dragons? Oh right, f*cking nothing. A massive time suck from teh Tamriel Travel Agency.

assassins creed

Ubisoft and Sony partner for Assassin’s Creed movie – and Hollywood isn’t happy about it

Assassins Creed Revelations

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Batman Arkham Asylum - Arkham Asylum

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Michael Fassbender Wants to Honor the Game & Bring in Original Elements on the Assassin's Creed Movie - IGN

Arkham City

Thanks to BigGameHunter, Sneak Peek the graphic poster art, designed by Trailer Park Video Games, supporting the release of "Batman: Arkham.

Loved this interface. :)

Easy to navigate Assassins Creed 2 menus (designinateacup,


I've Had it with these mutherf**king reapers in this mutherf**king galaxy