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Mushrooms Are Awesome: Ascotremella Faginea. A jelly-like fungus which can be found growing, in North America, on well-rotted American Beech (Fagus Grandifolia). ~ by Mark Steinmetz

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Leotia Viscosa (common name, Chicken Lips) Fr. Fruit body 3-9cm high, a club-shaped head with a long stalk. Head 2-3cm high, 0.5-lcm wide, convex with a convoluted, inrolled margin; olive-green to dark green. Stem 20-40 x 5-l0mm; white, yellow, or orange with green dots or particles. Spores spindle-shaped with rounded ends, often slightly curved, Habitat scattered or in groups or clusters on soil or rotten wood. Found in Europe and North America. Season July-October. Edibility not known.

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