‘I went from couch-surfing to starring on Broadway’ (NY Post): ““Sure beats your old place,” Daveed Diggs’ brother joked when he saw the “Hamilton” star’s Washington Heights apartment.

Daveed Diggs being perfect

Meet Hamilton’s Thomas Jefferson: Daveed Diggs: “My quick fandom is due to how deftly Diggs—a member of both the LA-based rap trio Clipping and the New York sketch comedy troupe Freestyle Love.

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I was watching a film clip in my French Rev class and it took me a full five minutes to realize one of the characters was Lafayette (despite them addressing him by name) because it wasn't Daveed Diggs.

HAMILTON's Daveed Diggs

Daveed Diggs on His Hebrew School Roots, Meeting Crazy Celebrities & Getting His Shot on Broadway in Hamilton

Daveed Diggs

Daveed Diggs

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Backstage Chillin', Snacking and Revolution! Spend a Two-Show Day With Anthony Ramos at Broadway's Hamilton - Photo - P

Daveed Diggs

Breakout Hamilton star Daveed Diggs looks fly in a jumpsuit for Broadway Style Guide!

Daveed Diggs

Are You More Thomas Jefferson Or Lafayette From "Hamilton"?