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When Officer WAZ got called to take down a "dangerous" Pit Bull, he did the unthinkable. He ADOPTED HIM! AMAZING MAN - CONGRATULATIONS!

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A true hero

Amaaazing story if you've never heard it...I think PBS made a movie about it...this doesn't mention, however, that she was technically ineligible for the prize because you have to have activity the last 2 years (not that I think gore deserved it more lol)

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These brave soldiers are braving the force of Hurricane Sandy (Oct 2012) to guard The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Photo by davidhelbig

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An barber who has been giving free haircuts to the homeless in exchange for hugs for 25 years .Anthony "Joe the Barber" Cymerys has been a fixture every Wednesday for years at Bushnell Park, where he cuts hair and his friends hand out food to the needy.

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: A soldier’s last words. Lance Cpl. William "Billy" H. Crouse IV and his bomb-sniffing dog Cane were hit by a roadside bomb while on patrol in Afghanistan. While being lifted into the medevac the wounded handler had the emotional wherewithal to insist the soldiers around him to save his dog. "'Get Cane in the Blackhawk!' Crouse cried out before losing consciousness." Apparently, those were his last words. Neither Crouse nor Cane survived. Let's not forget them.

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This man protected an orphanage (with 25 orphans run by this man's mother) in Kenya from a gang of thugs with machete. A hero!

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