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Skin. It’s pretty important in your life. If you didn’t have skin your insides would be all over the place. So it’s a fair assumption that it’s essential to take care of it. And not just in a staying alive kind of way. As you get older so does your skin. And if you’re not careful with your skin you’ll look like a wrinkly old bag of bones before the age of thirty five. This infographic looks at 50 interesting facts about your epidermis.

Here is an infographic by UK skincare product retailer Beauty Flash packed with information about your skin. The infographic has 50 different facts, such as how much skin your body has, the layers …

Spring Beauty Alert! Natural Oils for Every Skin Type

Spring Alert: natural oils for every skin type. From argan to coconut, natural oils are totally having a moment. Pick one trendy, all-powerful oil from the chart to sort your skin issue.

Essential oils can heal, relax, and add lovely scents to your life. Take a look at our guide to essential oils here:

Essential oils can be used in so many ways—from adding a drop to your favorite fragrance-free lotion or dabbing a little on your pulse points in