Japanese country house

Love this, thanks to Petrus Paulus: Interior of Japanese country house, with central fire pit and thatched ceiling. A rural farmhouse restored by Kenji Tsuchisawa, on the border of Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures.

japanese house

I will use these images I have found on Japanese Interiors to create the inside of the Tea house. A lot of rooms seem to have very low tea tables with cushions around for people to sit on.

Traditional Japanese House

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Traditional Japanese housing

Simplicity, minimalism and the natural materials are the key elements of Japanese interior design. With a clear understanding of the basic principles of Japanese interior design, homeowners can easily give…

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Traditional Japanese house interior. It's so open and in harmony with the nature.

See inside a traditional Japanese home with these key features. This is Japanese architecture and home design at its early stages and culturally engrained.

can we get a print out on static paper of a japense garden? CG Works Japanese Tatami Room Application:modo

How To Add Japanese Style To Your Home

Interior of traditional Japanese housing

Interior of traditional Japanese housing

연못 + 마당

Carp Swimming - Japanese Style Garden in Unzen Nagasaki- wider shot of the private home and water pond garden in Japan.

Japanese house I really want to have some sort of equivalent to the Japanese wrap around porch...only someone would put some chairs on it or something and it would become a cluttered mess because it's so narrow, or access to it is wierd....  I can't figure out how to make it work into my dream house designs.  Sigh.

Japanese house - love the architecture of these houses and how open the floor plan is. Great home to have in the middle of nature.

Cismavas/Ficavas lacónica/Eximias-te/ Preferias os cantos com parede na retaguarda/Fugias no éter para 1 príncipe japones/Meditavas na terra e tu sob pressão - Temias/ [...] Cabia-te - acredita - sobreviver.

This reminds me of the central courtyard in my GP surgery in Guildford, believe it or not. There was nothing more healing than seeing this tranquility while waiting to see your doctor.

This looks a lot like the ryokan (Traditional Japanese Inn) we stayed at in Kyoto, Japan.  Fabulous experience!  Private garden, traditional Japanese breakfast, wonderful experience!  Arrigato, Ryokan Yachiyo!  http://www.ryokan-yachiyo.com/top/englishtop.html

Modern Asian till now) - shown by the Natural fabrics & materials used throughout the room. Incredibly simple in design, with rich carved wood. Designed to incorporate natural light within the space. A very peaceful & clam vibe.