baby chick deviled eggs

Deviled Egg Chicks: Cut eggs to remove yolks as in picture. Use your favorite deviled egg recipe and prepare the filling. Fill eggs and replace top. Use a bit of black olive and carrot to make eyes and nose. Cute idea for Easter!

apple and dip - great teacher gift

caramel dip with apple gift Caramel Apple Dip 8 oz.) Heath Bits (found in the baking aisle) Mix a generous scoop of caramel and the cream cheese together and spread in a pie plate.

No dye Easter eggs. Use double sided adhesive and roll in glitter. Presto! So cute!

Pretty No-Dye Easter Eggs

No-dye polka dot Easter eggs: just attach double-sided adhesive dots and roll in glitter. Super easyNo-dye polka dot Easter eggs: just attach double-sided adhesive dots and roll in glitter.

Valentine pancakes. What better way to show love than straight to the tummy:)

Sprinkle Funfetti ~ Pancakes are such a fun breakfast recipe! They are easy to whip up and they fill you with energy which is so necessary at morning. Fun food idea for Valentine's Day.

Watermelon Pie Dessert - fun for 4th of July!

Fun Summer Dessert: Watermelon Pie

Watermelon Pie Dessert - I remember getting the Friendly's watermelon ice cream just like this every summer when i was a kid!

Red, white and blue Chex mix!

4th of July Chex Mix™

Patriotic Chex Mix® Show your team spirit by wearing your team colors and eating them too! This red and blue Chex Mix has great crunch, with.

Flag Bicycle - for the parade!

Creative Ways to Display the American Flag

Flag Bicycle Decorations from Martha Stewart. It would be so much fun to have a of July parade in the neighborhood!

Silk Egg dying

How to Dye Easter Eggs with Silk Ties

Silk-Dyed Eggs (aka Tie-Dyed) >> best new idea I've seen for Easter Eggs in a long time!

Marbleized Easter Eggs

Easter Kids' Crafts and Activities

Thanksgiving Checklist

Fall Organizing Tips

Thanksgiving Checklist Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a frenzy of last-minute preparations. Our Thanksgiving planner eliminates guesswork, ensuring an enjoyable meal -- even for the host. Organizing: Fall Organizing Tips - Martha Stewart

Gag Lunch for April Fools

Make april fools day super fun with these 10 awesome April Fools Day ideas for kids. Prank your kids or let them prank someone, your kids will have a blast!