glitter part - probe would turn into a greasy glittery mess in the sun.

Glittery Root Coverage

Love this idea for the next time we I do double buns. Use hair gel and add your own glitter color of choice. This would look cute with a fun zig-zag part involved or a french braid look also.

How to Wear Body Glitter — Tricks for Applying Glitter Makeup

13 Essential Glitter Hacks for Girls Who Are Actually Unicorns Inside

Get this look bb!!

✨Calling all galaxy queens and kings✨ GLITER ROOTS created this very easy and quick video on how to achieve glitter roots.

Kitty Kat day makeup

A more muted version of the splatter paint eye makeup- this one is more about soft blending of colors

The Gypsy Shrine: Glitter mix for festivals

The glitter trend hitting the festivals right now is one we are big fans of! The Gypsy Shrine: Glitter mix for festivals


The best, cheapest & chunkiest selection of chunky festival face & hair glitter mixes & cosmetic glue. How to do your face glitter for festivals in

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