Dark lipstick back into fall makeup trends. The celebrities, fashion models, and women become more frequent lately daub dark lipstick color to display bold

eye shadow into nail polish!

Pigment Tutorial Part 1

Turn eye shadow into nail polish. This is for those "ugly" eye shadow colors that you have left in palettes that would make GREAT nail polishes. clear polish plus shadow = awesome nails!

DIY Paper Board Storage Box Desk Decor Stationery Makeup Cosmetic Organizer New

Hisense 40H4C1 40-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV (2016 Model

【ρinterest: LizSanez✫☽】 DIY Makeup Storage - DIY Paper Board Storage Box Desk Decor Stationery Makeup Cosmetic Organizer New

lavender lips!

The ideal evening look for USA United Kingdom Phantom Lacquer Gloss: lilac lips and defined, yet neutral, eye make-up.

electric purple lip

Love the bright lip trend? Here's a genius beauty tip from a Sephora makeup artist on how to wear bright lipstick.

Michael Kors Fall 2012 rattail  see, @Brittany Hartman???  we always knew I was settin trenzzz.

9 easy and chic hairstyles to keep you cool this summer… Learnt about the Sock bun today, going to try it tomorrow

oh my god.  amazing.  give me this.

I discovered this Sephora: Amika : Interchangeable Barrel Curler Set : flatirons-stylers-curlers-hair-tools-accessories-tools-accessories on Keep. View it now.

Magnetic makeup board.

The picture above is is my magnetic makeup board that I created for my dorm room. After how popular it became amongst my sorority sisters, I


magnetic makeup board & makeup brush holders- I've seen this a lot but today, for the first time, it hit me that hung on the wall it would be totally out of toddler reach! WE NEED TO MAKE THESE😍

amazing kit of all the best things.

See how others are styling the bumble and bumble bb stylist editions kit. Check if your friends own the product and find other recommended products to complete the look.