Here is the full Ab Workout if anyone was interested - Imgur | Abs Hard Exercises 2

Why Yes, You Can Do These Ab Workouts in Your Hotel Room

Post-marathon it's all about rediscovering old passions. Working on dancer pose today. @selfmagazine #upnout #yoga #iamlove ❤️

Tatiana Boncompagni Hoover on Instagram: “Post-marathon it's all about rediscovering old passions. Working on dancer pose today. @selfmagazine #upnout #yoga #iamlove ❤️”

Strong Core Circuit Workout ||

strong core circuit workout

Killer Core Circuit Workout ||

killer core circuit workout

Cardio Challenge

Cardio Challenge

Here are a few pre-flight in-flight and post-flight tips that can help you have a safer and healthier trip #traveler #tips


Plane Travel the Healthy Way [Infographic]

Got Neck Pain? Here are Natural Remedies for Neck Pain PLUS Your Neck's Surprising Connection to Your Health

Whole New Mom

Neck Pain Exercises to Help with Neck and Back Pain

16 Snacks That Are OK to Eat at Night | Eating past 8.p.m. has been known to get a bad rap. In reality the reason you may have gained, or not been able to lose, weight probably has more to do with what you are eating and how much you are eating, rather than the time of day when you are eating it. Eating at night, if done healthily, can offer some surprising benefits.


16 Snacks That Are OK to Eat at Night | LIVESTRONG.COM

Great yoga poses for the shoulders and neck. Perfect if you spend much of your day hunched over a computer!

Sublimely Fit

Yoga Poses for the Shoulders and Neck | Sublimely Fit

I've been doing this workout, and it seriously is amazing. The Victoria's Secret Butt Workout - Shape Magazine

One of the Best Butt Moves (All You Need Is a Band)

Amazing at-home strength and cardio burner! 7 reps of 7 exercises, 7 times as fast as you can! #workout from

Tone & Tighten: Sevens Workout - Amazing Quick At-Home Workout

Squat challenge!

Print It, Do It: 30-Day Squat Challenge

Run 3 Miles in 30 Minutes - an 8 week plan for building up the endurance necessary to run for thirty minutes.
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10-Minute CrossFit Workout From Jessica Alba's Trainer!
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12 month body transformation. month by month plan - THIS is what I've been looking for

Women's Health
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A few great exercises
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tone your gut

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Buns, guns and abs

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Cradle to 5k....running post-pregnancy

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3 sets of wall holds for as long as you can this works out what most women call "the pouch" or your lower abdominals

Fitness Magazine
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Carrie Underwood leg workout.

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Hill Climb

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50 Minute Spin

Fitting It All In
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45 minute spin

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