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Stepping stone foot/hand mold

The Thanksgiving story bracelet - wonderful craft to do with the littles during our 30 days of Thanksgiving.

macaroni snow flakes- brilliant kid craft idea!

Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids - Halloween Craft Projects - Country Living

Roll a pumpkin game... Make the numbers products, kids role two die to get answer to make it more appropriate for older kids??

Instead of gingerbread houses decorate sugar cones with frosting and candy to make a Christmas tree. Great for younger kids.

Magical Green Slime~! Ewweh!!! (recipe here)

How 2 float: 1、pour some water. 2、Step away from water 3、take a photo

Sidewalk Chalk Games! So simple.

den meeting plan

Paper Rockets as a gathering activity or game. To make them you will need paper, glue, scotch tape and a plastic straw. 1. Decorate the paper. 2. Put glue on one of the longer edges. Then role the paper around a pencil starting from the opposite side. 3. Close the top of the rocket with scotch tape. 4. Insert a plastic straw and you are ready to go!

Lots of good ideas for relay races, bean bag and balloon games :)

Have everyone who is playing get in a big circle, one player gets the tape ball and the player in front of them a pair of dice. The player with the ball removes tape as fast as they can and anything they dislodge is theirs to keep. The player with the dice is trying to roll doubles as quickly as they can so they get a turn. As soon as they get doubles they pass the dice to the person next to them and then they get the tape ball.

Toss 'n talk ball. Whichever question is under their right thumb has to be answered. Great get to know you game for first day of classes"

Sun Jars. "Charges" through the day, lights up at night. FUN for camping!

Fun Birthday Party Games for kids