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"Niall Horan Sad Imagines :(" by NelishaMuttylall - "…"

"Niall Horan Sad Imagines :(" by NelishaMuttylall - "…" <<oh my God this made me cry this is not ok oh wow

You Belong To Me ( Rough/ Long Niall Imagine ) - ZouisINmybed

Niall Horan, possibly the best looking singer on Earth. Niall Horan, the cutest member of One Direction. Niall Horan, the fourth sexiest man in the world I mean a total hottie the sexiest man alive

Niall Horan

'I knew this was coming': Ellie Goulding opens up about the backlash she's faced from One Direction fans as rumours of a romance with Niall Horan continue

Dear Niall I love u with all my heart I may not be the biggest fan of I but I am one of them u. Are perfect every thing about u I love u - marishka

Dear Niall I love you with all my heart I may not be the biggest fan. You are perfect, every thing about you. I love you.

Taylor-And yes I know this is totally not right but you know what they say...sometimes things are so wrong they are right!!

After the first part of Twilight , Taylor Lautner became the new sex symbol of the youths. By his good physique every one was inspired and wanted know Taylor Lautner fitness secrets.