If you don't mind eating salads and soups, the Panera Bread gluten free menu is a great sandwich shop to check out. Plus, there's a secret, hidden menu!

I love to be at Applebees! Go their every wednesday!!!:))

Driving up, I am excited to see that the place does look MUCH nicer. I have become happy with my decision to dine here. My girlfriend even acknowledged that the new look was very nice, and we were excited to see the inside, and more importantly the menu.

Feeling down? Go to Starbucks:)

Loveddd the lounge at the one on campus in WC. Cozy and quiet with comfy chairs for studying. Miss the jazz and alt rock music days

My room is always the place i love to be! :)

My room is always the place i love to be! :)

The best place to be is the Park... :)

Hyde Park - The best places to visit in London, United Kingdom

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