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Animal ID\t35339614 \r\nSpecies\tDog \r\nBreed\tTerrier\/Mix \r\nAge\t3 years 2 days \r\nGender\tMale \r\nSize\tMedium \r\nColor\tTan \r\nSite\tCity of El Paso, Animal Services \r\nLocation\tSally Port \r\nIntake Date\t5\/12\/2017 \r\n

Animal ID 35339614 Species Dog Breed Terrier/Mix Age 3 years 2 days Gender Male Size Medium Color Tan Site City of El Paso, Animal Services Location Sally Port Intake Date

Baby fur seal

A Fur Seal Pup: "Signed, 'Seal'-ed, Delivered - I'm Yours!" (Photographed on South Georgia, Antarctica. By: © Ron Niebrugge, On A Recent Antarctic Expedition.

Wolf pup learning how to walk

A Mongolian wolf pup was born April at Zoo Zurich in Switzerland. Zoo keepers had prepared a den (with a hidden camera) for the first time wolf mother, but she used it for only several days. She soon took her pup to different dens the wolves h