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New Year's in Japan

From nengajo to daruma and shishimai, New Year's - or Oshogatsu - is one of Japan's most celebrated Holidays. Help us celebrate the Year of the Horse and welcome 2014 at our annual festival - Oshogatsu: A New Year's Celebration!

Drawers for Omikuji (paper fortune) at Tanjo-ji Temple, Chiba, Japan

Due to extreme flooding #Oshogatsu has been postponed until January 19th. All other event details are the same, so come join us next weekend! #mmnewyear14 #update #morikami #festival

▶ Oshogatsu - A New Year's Celebration - YouTube

Hagoita are rectangular wooden paddles used to play a type of traditional shuttle cock game called hanetsuki during the New Year's period in Japan. You can try your hand at Hanetsuki this weekend at our New Year's Celebration:

Daruma Kuyo, Traditional Japanese Daruma Burning Ceremony at the Tokyo Nishi-Arai Daishi Temple

Yin Zi Xiang (1909-1984) Happy Year of the #Horse!

Soba noodles are an important Japanese New Year's food - click here to learn what they symbolize, along with some other important foods we'll be serving up at Oshogatsu. #food #soba #noodles #newyear #japan #morikami #oshogatsu

#Omikuji - New Year's fortune telling in Japan - is one of our favorite #Oshogsatsu activities. Care to try your luck? #morikami #festival #newyear

#Omikuji literally means "sacred lot" and is usally done at shinto and buddhist shrines in Japan. Attendees make an offering (in Japan usually a 5 yen coin, but it'll be $1 at the festival) and receive a fortune or blessing. Bad fortunes are tied to trees or wires like we did here so that they don't go with you.

新年 あけましておめでとうございます! Kagami mochi

This Daruma t-shirt (with the iconic saying "fall down seven times, get up eight" written in Kanji) is the best way to complete your Oshogatsu outfit - get it at the Museum Store online now! #daruma #kanji #tees #tshirt #newyear #morikami

Japanese Osechi cuisine for New Year. Happy New Year, everyone! (^ - ^)V

Japanese festive noodles for a new year's eve, Toshikoshi-soba 年越しそば: Toshikoshi soba is eaten before midnight on the 31st, to pray for good health for the new year and a life that's as long as the noodles themselves.

Our official #Morikami New Year's card ( #nengajo ) for the #yearofthehorse! These cuties are straight from our collections. Both of these yawata-uma ( #toy #horses) are by Okuba Masajuro and are made of hand-painted wood and #washi tape :) #newyear

Brand new at the #Museum #Store! This #horse bank is perfect for the #yearofthehorse and it's even more adorable than your typical piggy bank!

Maneki-neko is a popular New Year's icon because they are both welcoming and lucky. These different sized cats are available in the Museum Store and are a favorite at Oshogatsu.

Object of the Day - Shishimai Netsuke: Made of ebony and ivory with inlaid horn and umimatsu this #netsuke by Mitsutomo is from the Meiji Period (late 19th century). With a lion's mask completely covering his head, this #lion dancer moves to the beat of his own drum. Lion dances are usually performed during shrine festivals, but this figure suggests the acrobatic street performers called Echizen-jishi. The lion's jaw opens and closes to reveal the face of the performer inside. #art #japan

Shishi-mai 1900 Two young men about to perform the Lion Dance.

Shishi-mai, the lion dancer

Nengajo (New Year's cards) 2013 by sahua || Hebi (Snake) Year is coming

Win a prize in the Post Office-sponsored lottery by collecting your nengajo and checking the number at the bottom! Such a fun tradition!

Nengajo - 2013 Year of the Snake....get it?

Rabbit with pink background (1951) nengajo (New Year's Card). via pink tentacle. Source: the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston