BOOKS - Digital or print

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BOOKS - Digital or print

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For those readers who have dreamt about taking their e-reader into the bath with them, rejoice! Waterfi is a company dedicated to waterproofing the electronics we all love. The waterproofing process allows readers to take their device underwater up to 210 feet, so pool fanatics and beach-goers can enjoy them as well. The Kindle Paperwhite itself is an incredible device, boasting an eight-week battery life, 4GB of memory to store thousands of books and built in Wi-Fi .

10 gadgets for the bookworm in your life

Things Only Book Lovers Will Understand -- In the ebooks vs. paper books debate, ebooks are winning. But nothing beats the feeling of holding a good old-fashioned book.

17 Secrets Only Book Lovers Are In On
  • reve bentley
    reve bentley

    when the battery dies your ebook disappears. A paper book only disappears if you lose it. what smells any better than the ink of a new book - or even an old one?

Apple: 1 Million New iBooks Customers Each Week Since iOS 8 Launch

Bookmate Launches in Latin America

Online Book Shopping Overtakes In-store for First Time

Bookmate Launches in Latin America

Reading habits in the U.S. - paper or electronic

A look at America’s reading habits (infographic)

For those who refuse to give in to the tablet craze.

Community Post: 23 Super Cute Mugs Every Book Nerd Will Love

Great cartoon by Jeff Stahler. Via GoComics.

Enlarge in print (cartoon)

This is going on my office door.

wit is just educated insolence — This is going on my office door.

How listening to audiobooks will change your reading life.

How Audiobooks Will Change Your Reading Life

Family History Forms | - Mid-Continent Public Library

Library Lover's Month | - Mid-Continent Public Library

Amanda Patterson

How did he end up on an island with so many books?

Half Full by Maria Scrivan, January 22, 2015 Via @GoComics

Professional Library Literature :

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Off the Mark (May/20/2015)

Off the Mark by Mark Parisi, May 19, 2015 Via @GoComics

Reality Check by Dave Whamond

Reality Check by Dave Whamond, June 15, 2015 Via @GoComics

2014 was a record year for libraries and digital reading #infographic

A record year for ebooks and libraries (infographic)

A bookshelf for the digital age...

Anibal libros para todos: Enlaces para + de 700 e-libros (esotericos/religiosos)

Learning to read. Out home-made cartoon captures the essence of reading in digital times.

50 most popular images about books, reading, and libraries


Digital, Print, or Transfusion...

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Amanda Patterson

Amanda Patterson

Borrowing ebooks from a library - infographic

Borrowing ebooks from a library (infographic)

The growing popularity of e-reading #infographic

The growing popularity of e-reading (infographic)

Amanda Patterson

Amanda Patterson

eBooks vs Print – The Reasons Why Digital is Better By Michael Kozlowski

eBooks vs Print – The Reasons Why Digital is Better