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Film Heroines

Film Heroines

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Sara Crewe, "A Little Princess", 1995.

  • Morgan Stouffer
    Morgan Stouffer

    who is sara crew??

  • Monica Rogers
    Monica Rogers

    She's the fictional main protagonist in the children's novel "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and the film of the same name.

  • Morgan Stouffer
    Morgan Stouffer

    I see I have never heard of her or The Little Princess. :/

Roberta Martin and Tina Tercell, "Now and Then", 1995.

Elle Woods, "Legally Blonde", 2001.

Chelsea Girl: Legally Blonde

Style icon: Penny Lane, "Almost Famous", 2000.

Enid, "Ghost World", 2001.

Cher Horowitz, "Clueless", 1995.

GoGo Yubari, "Kill Bill Vol. 1", 2003: "What she lacks in age, she makes up for in madness."


Bonnie Parker, "Bonnie & Clyde", 1967.

Anne Marie's character was based on the Women's Outside article 'Surf Girls of Maui' by Susan Orlean, who spent time with some of the adolescent girls of Hana who lived and breathed surfing as her basis for the article. www.outsideonline...

Anne Marie's character was based on the Women's Outside article 'Surf Girls of Maui' by Susan Orlean: "To be a surfer girl in a cool place like Hawaii is perhaps the apogee of all that is cool and wild and modern and sexy and defiant," writes Orlean. "The Hana girls, therefore, exist at that highest point -- the point where being brave, tan, capable and independent, and having a real reason to wear all those surf-inspired clothes that other girls wear for fashion, is what matters most."

Anne Marie Chadwick, "Blue Crush" 2002: Played by Kate Bosworth, Anne Marie is the ultimate incarnation of a cool surfer girl... tough, independent, and determined to win Pipe, all the while struggling with issues of family, romance, and lack of finances... She also walks around in a bikini basically the whole movie, inspiring me and thousands of other girls to want to whip our asses into some serious shape.

Astrid Magnussen, "White Oleander", 2002: Beautiful, dangerous, and proud, Astrid goes through foster home hell when her mother is sent to prison for murdering her boyfriend. Watching Astrid's transformation as she is shuttled from foster home to foster home is heartbreaking, but it's also fun to watch as, resilient and chameleon-like, her fashion and style choices change in accordance to her new environments. Her take on the goth look is my favorite... she really pulls it off.

"But why does this girl who has nothing going for her find the relentless drive to survive and triumph over her tormentor? What is the reason for her ability to overcome every obstacle that's thrown her way? As Vanessa Lutz herself says: 'Because I'm pissed off and the world owes me.'" And she does all of this fucked up shit wearing some of the coolest, albeit sluttiest, 90's style clothing.

Vanessa Lutz, "Freeway", 1996: "the foul-mouthed, quick-tempered, violent, white trash spawn of a crack whore mother who was channeled brilliantly by Reese Witherspoon in the cult classic...She may be more "Hood" than "Little Red Riding", but you can't help but cheer her on as she makes her way through a series of situations that would make most grown men crumble." postmortemdepress...