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DIY Organization Ideas for Your Laundry Room

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A New Look at Silverware Dividers -- This idea is so simple and it looks much better than using a plastic divider. 1. Measure the width of your drawer. 2. Cut a wooden board, about 3/4 an inch thick, to fit inside the drawer. 3. Paint the wooden inserts you cut to match the drawer. 4. Measure and divide the drawer into the desired number of equally spaced compartments. 5. Fasten the wooden inserts you built using screws or wood glue

Silverware drawer Instead of buying one of the plastic organizers for your silverware, have the organization capability built in by adding dividers to a kitchen drawer.

Great for a rainy night

great idea- new land with an RV hookup and an outdoor living space.New definition for curling up by the fire with a good book