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DEADPOOL ANNUAL 2013 Answering the most asked question since Deadpool's new series began…"Whatever Happened to the White Caption Boxes?" Featuring Thor, Daredevil, Luke Cage and…Madcap?

Madcap in Deadpool Suit

Madcap in Deadpool Suit

Madcap 002

Madcap (Earth-616)

The man who would become Madcap was a religious person belonging to a group that organised a.


[Help]I wanted to make a Madcap costume for Halloween, but I'm completely new to making costumes, anyone know how I can go about making this? I won't be using it for long, so I don't want to make it super expensive.

Daredevil vol 1 #234 ft. Madcap

Cover for Daredevil (Marvel, September [Newsstand Edition]

DEADPOOL ‪#‎21No‬ es un TUMOR" empieza ahora! No se puede mantener una buena Madcap abajo! En primer lugar, este problema masivo de gran tamaño que trae el regreso del mayor enemigo de Deadpool. Está de vuelta (de la manera más horrible posible) y que está en busca de venganza! A continuación, saludar a SHAKESPOOL, el mercenario de Venecia como Deadpool va Shakespeare por un totalmente nuevo cuento de 60 páginas por Ian Doescher (serie Star Wars de William Shakespeare). Esas viejas obras de…

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Deadpool (2015) Issue #17

Marvel Comics Deadpool Printing Rafael Albuquerque Cover *Description: CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN - Remember when Deadpool's inner monologues were at