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|EXO| Chen (Kim Jongdae)

chenchen ♡ His bright smile n esp his voice r melting me


Chanyeol's new hair for the 2017 comeback!

tumblr_mpk6xpZ6AO1s36084o1_500.png (500×750)

Back to Sehun's rainbow hair😊

Rainbow hair BERRO//2

Rainbow hair BERRO//2


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❤ Prince of Beijing ❤ Official 鹿晗 Lu Han Thread - Page 1290 - Artists

Sehun without makeup is a beautiful thing.

Handsome sehun's the sleek nose♥

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wow, it's like an EXO menu. I just sat down to unwind after having enough of "reality" for one day. there are no words for how therapeutic this is.

Exo - Sehun ~ Me wants to hug Sehun (≧∇≦)(*☻-☻*)

Exo - Sehun doing cute aegyo ~ Haha he is so cute our maknae oh sehun, love him so much ❤️❤️