Lmao this might actually be true...

Funny Confession Ecard: I have OCD, but I only clean things when I'm in the mood because I'm also bipolar.

Sometimes I get so excited while eating mac n' cheese that I forget to breathe. Sonny's mac n cheese everyday, lol.

Funny pictures about After a final exam. Oh, and cool pics about After a final exam. Also, After a final exam.

Erhmagerd! @Michelle Goldman

This fish. His face. Can you tell with fish? Maybe it's a girl fish and I just really offended her. Sorry fish. Your face is funny though.

ABC Family - 25 days of Christmas schedule 2012

2012 - ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Schedule! I love love love How the Grinch Stole Christmas! My favorite Christmas Movie Besides The Christmas Story.


If you don't want to date me . . .

Workaholics- love this guy^ reminds me of pitch perfect You guys are awesome-ly horrible i hate kill yourselves girl power sisters before misters

marcel the shell <3

MARCEL the shell. I have a student named Marcel; he has said many times he hates this book because he is not a shell with shoes on.

Cute boyfriend gift

Quick Sweet Treats

Cute little gifts for the 12 days of Christmas.might do this as mini care packages for the hubby this year for christmas.

Haha excellent.

Harry Potter- Hunger Games- Pirates of the Caribbean- Lord of the Rings- Narnia❤❤❤ Love all these movies ! And the thing about Twilight is just so true haha!

This is the best quote ever.

Funny pictures about Ten Things I Hate About You. Oh, and cool pics about Ten Things I Hate About You. Also, Ten Things I Hate About You.