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Possibly do this with old shed attached to house attached to the side of the house. Helpful to have a stone or brick wall come up 3 feet or so to keep out critters

The angels will get you.

Cats can see things we don't. Cats rarely, if ever, blink. Therefore cats must see Weeping Angels that have somehow made themselves invisible to our eyes. Also by that logic, my cat has saved my life multiple times. yet another thing cats are good for.

Simple ways to discuss global climate change.

Talking Turkey About Climate!

Homemade Yogurt

Yes, It's Worth It To Make Your Own Yogurt : NPR (plus a few good recipes to make with your homemade yogurt!

A small selection from the TG inbox - BBC Top Gear

I washed it and it erm.

These Floating LED Speakers Are Sure to Light Up Your Next Pool Party - Brit & Co. - Tech

Set of 3 Floating LED Pool Speakers. Simply toss the waterproof speakers into the pool and start the music, transmits wirelessly via from a single bass station. When not in the pool, the speaker work equally well on dry ground.