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N E W music video for Grammy winner Los Amigos Invisibles' Julio Briceño -aka Chulius & The Filarmónicos- latest single release. «Une succession de plans concentrés sur des parties du corps de femme, dans une approche pop à la fois sensuelle et vintage.

Os principais salários na TECH

There's no ignoring the fact that there is a lot of cash in the tech industry especially when we've seen so many tech companies sell for billions. The tech

52 braços se unem em um vídeo único (NSFW)

'Nowhere' (central scene) was created by Dimitris Papaioannou in 2009 to inaugurate the renovated Main Stage of the Greek National Theatre in Athens. This central scene is dedicated to the memory of Pina Bausch.

Emil Alzamora’s Distorted Human Figures Appear to Melt, Morph, and Defy Gravity

A short portrait of Emil Alzamora, an artist living in Beacon, NY. This is a small part of a larger on-going project - personal portraits of artists.