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babysitting activities

babysitting activities

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Calorie Saving Holiday Recipe Ingredient Swaps ~ He and She Eat Clean

This handout is a valuable reminder for me, but it's important to have a complete understanding of the "Love and Logic" philosophy in order to get the full benefits of the info. It's worth looking into.

A great "getting to know you" activity!

"Spin-Doctor Parenting": Friendship Bracelets: A Tutorial

The cup game ~ A simple clapping routine that’s fun to do with a big group of people. You learn the routine and try to do it as fast as you can. I’ve played during summer camps in cafeterias at meal times. It makes a lot of noise, and it’s fun to do with a lot of people.

The cup game - The Game Gal

painting rocks and stones

Backyard Play Ideas - Happy Hooligans

Outdoor Game for the end of the year fun! Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

Wrapping Up the School Year! - A Turtle's Life for Me

63 Earth Day Reuse, Recycle and Upcycled Projects

63 Earth Day Reuse, Recycle and Upcycled Projects

Oversized Memory Game. If you have the room for it, make this a physical game by using a timer. Stand several feet away from the cards, and hit the timer before running to the cards. If you make a match, go again. If you don't make a match, run as fast as you can to stop the timer. Play several sets. So it isn't just a matter of who won each set but how fast they won it.

Balloon Ping Pong. Simple, cheap, yet entertaining enough to occupy the kids for hours :) Imagine doing this to practice skip counting!

  • Shelly Leath
    Shelly Leath

    Isabella deLeon Balloons are fun while babysitting!

Saw this on here and it worked great thought i would share. Dollar store plate, sharpie markers, 30 minutes at 300* and voila a great birthday party craft!! My 12 year old daughter & her friends had fun creating their own plates! Hope y'all enjoy!

DIY How to make homemade multicoloured chalk at home with kids. So easy!!!!! www.laughingkidsl...

DIY Homemade Multicoloured Chalk - Laughing Kids Learn

Who would have thought...? Fun for kids to do, too.

Scarf Knit With Comb

diy knitting nancy

Deze is ook leuk!: Punniken

Coffee Filter Apple Art

Cheerio Bird Feeder. So simple and cute :). These are made with pipe cleaners, so you can bend them into any shape you like!

Day 60 - Cheerio Bird Feeder

50 old fashioned games for kids (indoor, outdoor, no electronics). Such a thorough list.

50 Old-Fashioned Games Kids Can Play

Quiet time ideas

Marshmallow tinker toys...

Baby's First Building Block Birthday Party - Make and Takes

20 kids crafts for the 4th.

20 Crafts for 4th of July Celebrations | Ucreate with Kids

Marble Races

luau activity: making your own leis using straws and cardstock flowers

{Homemade Hawaiian Leis-Kid Craft}

Last Days of School FUN - - Foam Dough.

Foam Dough = Shaving Cream + Corn Starch

Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips.

Craft sticks, boiled in water for 15-20 min., will bend into cups and then become bracelets. then paint and decorate.

a little science with breakfast
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    Danielle Fox

    omg i never would have thought of that

  • Ilena M.
    Ilena M.

    Yeah I did this with my Godsisters and the shape doesn't even hold by the time you finish decorating it. I even left it in the cups for 24 hrs.

  • Janna Barnes
    Janna Barnes

    That is amazing.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Snack - Yum!

a Very Hungry Caterpillar fruit snack | Meet the Dubiens
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    Janna Barnes