That IS pretty impressive.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 63 Pics

This brilliant mastermind. | 21 People Who Are Too Good For This World

21 People Who Are Too Good For This World

Gothic/Vampire/Black Home Decor Ideas

weeping rose candles | Gothic Enchantments

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 32 Pics

Even More Simple Ideas that are Borderline Genius - FB Troublemakers

Hahahaha yep..

Not very flexible -

Christianmingle (from 'Damn You Autocorrect' Exposes 10 Funniest Love Fail) | From: Damn You Autocorrect via Mashable

'Damn You Autocorrect' Exposes 10 Funniest Love Fails

(insert witty Dad title) - Imgur

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I'm already nerding out on this...

Oh … this would be funny.

Next time a stranger talks to me…


Never stop believing…

I'm dying!!!

Batman butt signal…

I am honestly not offended by this.

American Breakfast

Here are some random and interesting facts about the human body.

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"My son kept trying to drink the pool water, so we put floaties on his feet." - great idea!

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Doing this! Only one a month though!!!

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Haha..Google Glasses

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Very funny April Fool ad by Ikea in Australia

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Temporary tattoo on a banana. What kid wouldn’t love finding a Super Hero, Spiderman or Hello Kitty banana in their lunchbox? Cute and simple

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Do your kids use a million cups a day?Magnets on the back, put on the fridge

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i don't know why, but this part gets me every time.

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Lol, I love old people!!!

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This would work so well at my house!!

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Trail Mix

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Dog shaming - Imgur

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Rustoleum's NeverWet (invisible until it rains!)

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