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17 Everyday Items That Use a Whole Lot of Water

17 everyday items that use a whole lot of water

It's not just California: Washington state is in the grips of a brutal drought, too.

Washington state is so screwed

We spend almost as much on gun violence as we spend on Medicaid.

16 charts that show the massive cost of gun violence in America

What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

16 charts that show the massive cost of gun violence in America

20 Obamacare Stats Republicans Don't Want You to See

20 Obamacare stats the GOP doesn't want you to see

If You Own a Pitchfork, You Will Grab It When You See This Chart

If you own a pitchfork, you will grab it when you see this chart.

How Did Harsh Immigration Laws Spread to Your Statehouse?

Flowchart: Are You a Slut?

So You Want to Buy an Election?

  • Center for Public Integrity
    Center for Public Integrity

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So You Want to Buy an Election?

How to Make Your Lie Go Mainstream in 26 Easy Steps

Since 1980, the average real income of the 1 percent has shot up more than 175 percent. The rest of us flatlined.

Chart: Big gains for the 1 percent of the 1 percent

Surprise! The megarich vacuumed up 95 percent of income growth since the recovery.

Chart: Happy days are here again—for the superwealthy

Cobb County, Georgia, has an $86.4 million school budget deficit but reportedly will pony up hundreds of millions in public stadium financing.

REVEALED: New York Mags Beloved Approval Matrix Is a Fraud

The Student Loan Debt Crisis in 9 Charts

The Student Loan Debt Crisis in 9 Charts

More and more of China's hogs are being raised on factory farms.

Dirty Energy's Election Ad Spending Spree

Chart of the Day: Our Robot Overlords Will Take Over Soon

Chart of the Day: Fox News and Trayvon Martin

This is a f-ing incredible chart from OpenSecrets.

Walmart = amoeba?

  • Mother Jones
    Mother Jones

    Click for more charts, and the great magazine package that accompanies them.

And You Wonder Why We're Broke? Check out this infographic on military spending.

Chart of the Day: Employer-Based Health Insurance is Going the Way of the Dodo

Charts: 6 Big Economic Myths, Debunked