Craft Inspiration: Knitting and crochet

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yellow crocheted items are displayed on a white surface
rigatoni to ravioli: crochet pasta by normalynn ablao looks good enough to eat
a close up of two pillows on top of a couch with decorative items around them
the word gap in a circle with an arrow pointing to it
Ordinary chain bind off, part 3: binding off circular knits
Binding off circular knits without the gap. Several different methods, from simple to more complex, with detailed directions.
a book cover for knitting and crocheting for beginners with an image of a monkey
knitting | Tumblr
a woman wearing a purple beaded necklace with two gold pins attached to the neck
Knitting Jokes
Circular needle knitting necklace -- I love this idea
an old comic strip with a woman and man on it's back, surrounded by other comics
Sitio privado
Wonder Woman.
several stuffed animals are displayed on a white surface, including carrots and other items
Design Free Thursday | Meat Love. - Yellowtrace
knitted meat
a woman holding a red heart shaped pillow
Want, Need, Love
Handknit I give you my heart Pillow Anatomical
the front and back sides of a shirt with red stripes on it, as well as an
How to Add Short Rows to Your Sweater
How to add short rows to your sweater - short row shape depending on if you are knitting top down or bottom up.
the words, magic formula for ordinary disrributing are in pink and blue
A magic formula for evenly distributing shaping
A formula for evenly distributing increases or decreases.
four different colors of yarn are shown in this image, one is orange, the other is purple
What All The Bind-Offs Look Like: A Bind-Off Extravaganza
a man with a hat sitting down talking on a cell phone
Ryan Gosling Meme for Crafters
Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing: Ryan Gosling Meme for Crafters
a tag that is on the side of a knitted sweater with instructions for sewing
Free Printable Knitting Tags | First Pancake Studios
a skein of blue yarn sitting on top of a white surface
Naturally Dyed Indigo Linen Paper
naturally dyed indigo linen paper "Very unique paper yarn made from linen. For an additonal strength, a few strands of almost invisible raw silk is wrapped around it. This is the truely natural indigo dyed yarn. Due to the nature of the indigo dye (indigo basically only lies on the surface of the yarn.), the color tends to bleed for a while, but it will settle down and settle down to an even better blue by aging. Works as a warp yarn for weavers.!"