sunset with Mount Rainier reflected in Tipsoo Lake, Washington, USA

Mount Rainier reflected in Tipsoo Lake at sunset, Washington (by Alan Howe)My beautiful home state, could see Mt Rainer from our windows. Lived in valley bellow the mtn for many years. Washington is the most beautiful state in America.

Mont-Saint Michel at dusk in Normandy, France.  by JibStudios

Mont-Saint Michel at dusk in Normandy, France -- by JibStudios - not a castle, but a beautiful reflection!

Rolling Hills, Normandie, France

Rolling Hills, Normandie, France - after a week in Paris so refreshing to visit Normandy where some people actually love Americans.

Reine, Norway >>>

Reine, Norway >>> And here we go. Norway beauty strikes again! So beautiful! I will probably never get to Norway, but I think it is gorgeous!

by Hong Leung

Chinese-American painter Ken Hong Leung, often referred to simply as H. Leung, creates beautiful landscapes illuminated by rainbow-hued washes of light.

Les climats en France

Les climats en France

Continental Climate, French Language, Frances O'connor, Sciences, Vintage Poster, Cycle 3, Agree With, The Winter, Sleep

Aurora over Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Aurora and Stars over the trees of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada --- by David Marx on

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