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Making your own beaded jewelry can be awfully rewarding. It’s a great way of expressing your creativity. Each of your designs showcase your emotions and express your taste in art. When it comes to selling your jewelry, the internet is a great resource....

30 Cute and Cheap Fall Dresses

30 Cute And Cheap Fall Dresses

Just because the weather has taken a dip in temperature doesn't mean it's time to retire your dress collection into storage. Oh no, no. The only thing that the cooler air does is give you a great excuse to expand your dress collection to reflect the...

100 Winter Outfits to Inspire Yourself

100 Winter Outfits to Inspire Yourself

Get inspiration from the following images and put together your own flattering fall date night outfit. Not all dates are fancy dinner and depending on your destination, mood and weather you have to make different clothes choices.

Comic Book Shoes – DIY | ~*Please Follow Along with Me *~

Comic Book Shoes - DIY