Jake Gyllenhaal

- jake-gyllenhaal photo jake-gyllenhaal Okay how can such a simple pose look so damn sexy?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Net Photo: Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Image ID: . Pic of Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Latest Joseph Gordon-Levitt Image.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart- hilarious, knowledgeable, and moves freely among the tribes, perfect guest!

Steve Carell, Jon Stewart, & Stephen Colbert

Too Great for Words…

I'm not too informed on Steve Carell, but Colbert and Stewart qualify as hotness.huge brain crush on both. Steve Carell, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert: How men would look if they had to pose in ads the way women are expected to.

Tom Hardy Interview - "Is it cuddle time?" ;)

Tom Hardy discusses his fiancé, his size and the lack of good movie scripts.

Jason Schwartzman

Best known for his roles in I Heart Huckabees and Rushmore, Jason Schwartzman is passionate about healthy eating and being a vegetarian, which is why he put his voice to this PSA for Farm Santuary.