line2solid by Archieboytom

I love seeing the progression and the inner workings of a space in modular or diagrammatic form- awesome idea to highlight the structure of this building Love it! by Archieboytom

Martin Kline | La Notte | encaustic on panel /sm

Martin KLINE b.1961

The ingenious use of encaustic -- dry pigments mixed with molten wax -- gives Martin Kline not only his painterly medium but his subject matter as well, in that the thick built-up surfaces of h.

Contours 101

Angled contours to perimeter rectangle_"Star's house" international student architecture contest Russia, Moscow. Not completed

Margaret Boozer, Auburn Alumni - famous American ceramist and sculpture artist, best known for her clay and ceramic compositions

Margaret Boozer: Image Index Fault Line Porcelain/ Stancill white stoneware mix, pencil, mastic, studio wall, oak.

Fabienne Verdier. Energy Fields. Black ink on paper (Moulin du gué), 198 x 134cm.

Fabienne Verdier - Installation VI From the series Energy Fields - ink on paper