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Vintage Advertising Posters | Axa Margarine | Circa 1920

Persil by Cappiello 1933 France - Beautiful Vintage Poster Reproduction. This vertical french poster advertising margarine shows man, possibly from the south pacific, coming out of a coconut with a package of butter.

Leonetto Cappiello (1875 - 1942) was an Italian poster art designer who lived in Paris. He is often called 'the father of modern advertising' because of his innovation in poster design. Cappiello’s career as a poster artist began in earnest in 1900 when he began a contract with the printer Pierre Vercasson. In this period, the printers acted as an agent for artists and commissioned work to them. Vercasson had a print house, and his goal was to bring vibrant and colour to the streets of…

Axa Margarine Vintage Poster artist Cappiello Leonetto France c 1931 Giclee Gallery Print Wall Decor Travel Poster

I still love Legos.

Awesome ad by Lego in Article from HuffPost: "This little girl is holding a lego set. The legos are not pink or 'made for girls'. She isn't even wearing pink. The copy is about "younger children building for fun". No just "girls who build". ALL KIDS.