Mark Donaghy
Mark Donaghy
Mark Donaghy

Mark Donaghy

This card is also inspirational because I like how the logos of the backside of the card stands out.. they only use two colors but it still look professional.

Disney posters by Tom Whalen

Mercedes-Benz Actros

This "Game Of Thrones" Ad Is The Best Print Ad Of The Year in the New York Times | Advertisement |

:) DDB españa

'Spring is Back' for L'illa by DDB, Barcelona, Spain

Sarcasm Society...Support Not Necessary

Summer is coming

Party Time. Excellent.

Banana fight: Eat him! No, eat him!

Step aside, coffee. This is a job for ALCOHOL (better template)

The Imprint Graphic Design Project - Alex Varanese

R2-D2 (created by Stephanie d’Entremont) #starwars

stormtrooper (created by Stephanie d’Entremont) #starwars

Darth Vader (created by Stephanie d’Entremont) #starwars

The Martian Chronicles

mystery and the cosmos. More philosophically that we are floating in space. its a nice atmoshphere in the picture

I like how the designer play with the shape of the letter O to reinforce the concept of the Moon.

Memories of Lapland Dec '11. Snow, Santa, breathtaking scenery & the best memories ever with the kids x

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them