Designer: Chris Capotosto -

Newport Folk Festival 2011 Limited Posters

This Newport folk festival poster uses a variation in font sizes to portray importance. Your eyes will naturally catch the largest text first, and work downward until you've deciphered the whole message; this is the beauty of hierarchy!

Designer: Neil Tasker

Great Lakes Embroidery & Screen printing by Neil Tasker -- liking the big script with a type foundation underneath. The "and" isn't quite right, but it's close and could be tight if tweaked (IMHO).

American Bicycle Co.

American Bicycle Co.

Bold, easily identifiable shape, has the Seal of Approval vibe -- With a crown? -- American Bicycle Co.


1896 program for a cycling meet at a velodrome near the Golden Gate Park Panhandle, SF. "Official Programme -- The Velodrome: The World's Greatest Bicycle and Athletic Amphitheatre"

Amazing hand lettering with chalk.

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The Manifest rebranding, by Minneapolis design firm Eight Hour Day , is the perfect amalgamation of a smart concept with beautiful type and .