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12 Dogs Who Don’t Fully Understand Their Size

12 Dogs Who Don't Fully Understand Their Size


12 Dogs Who Don’t Fully Understand Their Size

Past Bernedoodle Pups

Twitter / EmrgencyKittens: blue eyes, great heart. ...

from Magical Nature Tour


Cute kitten sleeping. Cats just let it all hang out when they are in a deep sleep. Cat Lovers would love to hold this precious kitten and rub the belly. ~Me #cats #cute #kitten

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This is need-to-pin info for all dog owners! Did you know you can use the static electricity from a blown up balloon to pick up pet hair from your couch? Go to for even more ideas on how to get your dog's fur out of anything, from furniture to carpet to clothes. This is a helpful how-to resource for anyone with a shedding pet.

How to Get Pet Hair out of Anything