Cauê Giampietri Balieiro

Cauê Giampietri Balieiro

Cauê Giampietri Balieiro
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The Witcher: Wild Hunt by shrimpy99 on DeviantArt

Here's my latest project. The Witcher 3 releases on the of May so I had to do something before its release. It's Going to be epic! I wanted to have. The Witcher Wild Hunt

Shadow of the Colossus by *ChasingArtwork on deviantART

I absolutely loved Shadow of the Colossus, I think even more than Ico. I've been wanting to do some fanart since being exposed to such an amazing look. Shadow of the Colossus

Batman Arkham Knight Armor - 9GAG

Is this supposed to be the Anti-Batman "wrath"? because I love it ------- << Original Comment >> ------- Batman Arkham Knight Armor

Assassin's creed black flag SO AWESOME! ♥

Assasin´s Creed by Xavier Thomas [ "Assassin's Creed : Black Flag : Edward Kenway : Dual Wield - I have to say man Ezio stole my heart at first but this man.