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Easy pigs in a blanket, with hot dogs wrapped in cheese and biscuits, make the perfect treat for kids and adults alike.

When looking your diet, you want to be careful on your fat intake. But not so careful that you are not getting any.  You need fat in your diet just not an unhealthy amount. You need to watch out for saturated fats, those can be dangerous if over consumed. But unsaturated fats are very healthy and you want more of that kind of fat. your fat intake per day should not exceed 30% of your calories daily.

7-Day Low-Cholesterol Diet Menu

Replace foods like pasta, rice and bread with fruits and vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms and spinach.

Fats are used in the body for many different things. One example is insulation. Fats also are one of the bodies main sources of energy. Fats also store essential vitamins like A,D,E, and K.

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If you have a very low fat diet there may be some dangers because of it. One example is excessive bulk and and insufficient amount of energy.  It also can cause a dangerously low amount of the essential fatty acid, Omega-3. It can result in a lack of absorption of valuable vitamins. A very harmful effect of low fat diets is that the person may become so afraid of eating fats they do not consume anything containing fats, even if they are good fats.

It is not uncommon to hear people saying that they are about to go on a diet either to ameliorate health conditions or perhaps to lose weight for a particular occasion. Weight loss for health purposes is serious and requires.

A major component in the body that is used for energy. This nutrient has a high calorie count. If not careful a high intake of fat is not good for your body.

What Are the Different Types of Fat?

Understanding Healthy Fats: Replacing saturated fats with healthy fats can decrease your heart disease risk.