Pixar’s Rules Of writing - GREAT advice for any one taking a creative writing class or for someone trying to beat writer's block.

Pixar’s Rules Of Storytelling…

Funny pictures about Pixar's Rules Of Storytelling. Oh, and cool pics about Pixar's Rules Of Storytelling. Also, Pixar's Rules Of Storytelling.

English teachers, we need this!! @megantucker @kelsey_rasberry @txmom2five @ladybugcha @lenzijo

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I know the perfect 16 year old for this shirt.

My Patronus is a Bookworm- a t-shirt from the mental Floss store. Would also be a good bookmark I think.

A Skull And Crossbones Bun Holder Makes Every Day Pirate Day

Salt Lake City wire artist Kyle Wyatt of Wyre Art has created a wonderfully clever Skull & Crossbones Bun Cover that is both slightly terrifying and and sl

Pencil Socks | Gifts for Writers and Book Lovers

38 Gifts For Wordsmiths and Aspiring Novelists

Looking sharp and wear women's Pencil Knee High Socks. Eraser pink top, metal grey, yellow pencil wood on the leg, and the wood and lead "point" at the toe. We are partial to socks with a sense of humor and Pencil Knee High Socks make us smile.

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