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Various edgings for Crochet Baskets, free pattern by creJJtion

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Crochet a basket with lace - free pattern.

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Large Crocheted Bowl: free pattern

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Very cute Lace Bowl- With a how to on the site- including,Making the starch at home

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Simple yet beautiful crochet heart bowl!

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Cotton Rope Basket

the new crochet: Bathroom crochet bowl (+ pattern)

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Crocheted storage bowls from packing twine..

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Pattern Nut

free pattern - nut bowl

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Crochet Basket "Duck" - Chart

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easy square crochet projects

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sass & belle crochet apple bowls: crochet AND apples

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Diy Bowl

Make a rope bowl.

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Ravelry: Lace Bowl pattern by Linda Permann. Free pattern.

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