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23 Unique Ways to Save $10,516.37 on Your Baby’s First Year… Part 1

I didn't know about a lot of these money saving tips...and there is a part 2!

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Living on one income is possible for a lot of people if you're committed and focused. Check out these tips to help make your stay at home mom dreams come true!

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7 Little Ways to Save BIG Money Without Noticing

Make Extra Income - Over 100 Ways To Make Extra Money!

Here on Making Sense of Cents, I discuss extra income, side hustles, side income, and how to make money online a decent amount. I believe that earning extra income can completely change your life in a positive way. A person can stop living paycheck to paycheck, they can pay off their debt, and more all by earning extra money. …

My Family Lives Off One Income After I Had to Leave My Job. Here’s How We Budget on a $25,000 Salary

After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I left my job, and my family began surviving on one income. Here’s how we manage to save on a $25,000-a-year salary. - The Penny Hoarder

Moving to One Income So A Spouse Can Take Care of the Kids - Your Guide

Living off one income is tough these days but it can be done and it can be beneficial if one spouse will be staying home with the kids. See how you can do it.

7 Frugal Living Tips For Single Income Families

Don't miss our top 7 Frugal Living Tips For Single Income Families! These will help you make ends meet, pay off debt or save for a fun filled vacation!

Can you pay off debt while living on one income?

Can you pay off debt while living on one income? Here are a few tips to helping you get started.