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The Boy, The Myth, The Legends <3

15 "Harry Potter" Deleted Scenes That Will Give you All The Feels. The last one - WHAT.

harrypotterconfessions: [[I’d have loved it if they had shown Molly killing Bellatrix how it was in the books, right before Harry revealed himself to be alive and in front of Voldemort. In the books the aftermath was so chilling because I was afraid that Voldemort would succeed in killing Molly right there if Harry hadn’t have stepped in.]]

The Harry Potter Fandom Of Tumblr Is Amazing

Past Gryffindors known as the Marauders

Professor Longbottom: Unintentional Hogwarts heartthrob | sweet mother of hippogriffs, I will take him.

one of my favorite quotes ever.

The world of Harry Potter

The deathly hallows

The deathly hallows

The deathly hallows

We need stories...and Alan Rickman. :)

Student Complaints in Hogwarts

YES! WHAT IS THIS MOMENT!!?! It's so bizarre! Like...could you even imagine if Lucy just killed Harry right there in the second book on Hogwarts grounds over DOBBY!? The Dark Lord would have come back in GOF and been all "oh. Shit. Okay...well. Tick that off the list. Moving on to item two..."

Sirius would totally do something like that.