DIY turquoise knot necklace

DIY Turquoise Knot Necklace for 3 bucks! You could use any color! Reminds me of a real turquoise necklace I saw in a precious mineral exhibit in a Toronto museum.

Infinity ring with his and hers birthstones, and anniversary date

Infinity Accent Ring - bride and groom birthstones with wedding date engraved! So cute! This is pretty, but I don't know if I would want it as my band.Promise ring - yes! Or kids birth stones


My dream ring. Love the twist band and solitaire stone. Tressa White Gold Cushion FB Moissanite and Diamond Twist Engagement Ring (Other Metals and Stone Options Available)


Mark Schneider Design Bedazzle - 15325 Bedazzle - 15325 Engagement Ring and Mark Schneider Design Bedazzle - 15325 Bedazzle - 15325 Wedding Ring. I'll take it!

Discretely wear your crown

Down the remind your daughter she's a daughter of the King. Love this ring!^ to remind your daughter that she's the daughter of a king is a little self-centered/egotistical. Maybe to remind your daughter she's a princess would be better.

Rose key

Love this rose key necklace with little steam punk gear :) Key to Your Heart ok this has to be my fav thing from steampunk iteams!

Moonlight Torc necklace

Moonlight Torc Necklace Sterling Celtic Magic Fairy Elven Renaissance Medieval Wedding Bridal via Etsy. I could totally make this for cheap (and therefore be able to afford one)!

Wintry Crystal Swarovski Christmas Tree Earrings | Jewelry Project Kit | Harlequin Beads and Jewelry Custom Kits

Nothing symbolizes the magical essence of the winter season like trees blanketed with snow. Celebrate winter with the icy sparkle.