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    Structured Teaching Classroom Ideas (Autism, ASD)

    Ideas for structured activities, visuals, or materials that can be used in structured teaching classrooms for students on the autism spectrum. Based on TEACCH philosophy of structured teaching.

    Structured Teaching Classroom Ideas (Autism, ASD)

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    I think these things are more distracting than helpful but this one's too cute. Hello Literacy: Monitor Classroom Noise Level with Virtual Bouncy Things

    Monitor Classroom Noise Level with Virtual Bouncy Things

    Learn how to make a colorful cloud dough recipe that is taste safe to enjoy with your toddler. With only 3 ingredients our cloud dough recipe is just what you are looking for! Great for sensory play!

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    9 Must Have Gadgets For Children With Autism

    9 Must-have gadgets for kids with autism

    Data Folders for students to track their own progress (need these for evaluation time)

    Welcome to First Grade Room 5: Data Folders

    Preschool Name Folders

    Name Folders

    These free number worksheets for preschool reinforce a variety of skills... with lots of hands-on practice!

    Free number worksheets 1-10 - The Measured Mom

    Such a smart way to help kids see that there are 5 minutes between each number on the clock. Great telling time activity.

    Teaching Special Thinkers: Telling Time is EASY PEASY

    telling time. But I'd write "till" instead of "to".... wonder if I could use some colored saran wrap on the actual classroom clock..?

    Aussie Pumpkin Patch: Learning Clock Face

    Cheap matching task that is durable enough for your kiddos who put everything in their mouth {by}

    Tasks for Kiddos that put EVERYTHING in their Mouth

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    calm down visual

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    "The ADHD brain tends to have an understimulated frontal lobe, where decision making, planning, and organizing happens. People with ADHD naturally choose activities and habits to help stimulate that area of the brain." The trick is finding "appropriate" fidgeting that works without interfering with tasks or driving anyone else crazy! (Great site for sharing on Pinterest by Nikki Schwartz!)

    ADHD Tips for Parents: Fidgets

    Visual Supports: Story/Circle Time. Boardmaker downloads. Repinned by www.preschoolspee...

    The Budget SLP: Miami-Dade: Volumes of Visual Supports

    Homework and Independent Work for Non-Readers | The Autism Helper

    Homework and Independent Work for Non-Readers

    free cards for visual schedule pinned by @ Pediatric Therapy Center - for all of our pins, please visit our page at

    Do2Learn: Educational Resources for Special Needs

    Teaching your child to recognise and regulate their emotions is never easy. It is especially difficult if you have a child on the autism spectrum. Your child can go from seemingly happy and content to full on meltdown with in seconds. Emotion thermometers are designed to help you and your …

    Using an Emotion Thermometer

    This I Feel and I Need Visual Choice Board is a simple resource to keep handy. Providing a student with a visual support may allow him to express his needs without having to find the words. Pinned by: Kaylee Luke

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    Simplifying #Sensory Play ~ the collection, the storage and more from @{1plus1plus1} Carisa #totschool #preschool

    Simplifying Sensory Play

    The classroom, how one special ed teacher sets up her class for kids with autism. Repinned by For more autism pins visit

    Understanding Autism in the Classroom: Interview with a Teacher

    The Autism Tank: Preposition Activity...wondering if i can make something similar. Got to find some good objects - repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

    Autism Tank: Preposition Activity

    Minecraft Incredible 5 Point Scale helps kids regulate. Great for kids with Autism, ADHD, and SPD. Updated - Includes and Excel file for customization.

    Jacobs Family Blog: Self Regulation - Minecraft 5 Point Scale

    From The Autism Tank, "Homework Binders". A great visual way to teach concepts from months of the year to color recognition. So many applications.

    Autism Tank: Homework Binders

    Autism Classroom News: www.autismclassro... Put-In Tasks: The Beginning of Independent Work Systems by Autism Classroom News: www.autismclassro...

    Put-In Tasks: The Beginning of Independent Work Systems

    Visual schedule- When task is completed, the pill box is opened for a small reward!

    Visual Schedules Part 2: Pill Box & Reward Tool

    {Guest Post} Twelve Sensory Play Recipes by Blog Me Mom for Fun at Home with Kids

    {Guest Post} Twelve Sensory Play Recipes