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Sweet little metal box full of... mouses! Starting from this diagram of Mmmcrafts, you will be able to build from felt and fabric this house to hosting some small rodents that your children may carry wherever they want. Moreover, it would be a great corner to save their first loose teeth and change them to the Tooth Fairy for small treasures.

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How to dye Easter eggs with silk ties. These eggs have such beautiful patterns when finished. #easter #dye #idea

Silk tie dyed Easter eggs


20 Unique Ideas For Map Crafts

20 Unique Ideas For Map Crafts -

Snowdrop and Company: Easter Egg Hot Air Balloons

1st birthday keepsake for baby to decorate their room of finger prints of family and friends attending the party. Could also use for reveal party and have pink and blue ink to indicate their vote on whether it's a boy or girl.

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